Quick Answer: Where Was Pepe Born?

Why did Pepe leave Real Madrid?

I decided that I would leave in January when I saw that talks were not going anywhere and the way I was being treated by the club wasn’t ideal.

That was when I started to mentally prepare myself for the realization that my time at Real Madrid was coming to an end.

I have given everything for Real Madrid”..

When did Pepe leave Real Madrid?

The 34 year-old has made just 12 LaLiga appearances this season, his normal significance on the team declining. His contract expired at the end of the 2016/17 campaign, and despite a willingness to sign a new two-year deal, the club have decided to let him go.

Who does Pepe play for?

Arsenal F.C.Nicolas Pépé/Current teams

Where is Pepe now?

FC PortoPepe/Current teams

Is Pepe a Portuguese?

Kepler Laveran de Lima Ferreira ComM (born 26 February 1983), known as Pepe (Brazilian Portuguese: [ˈpɛpi]; European Portuguese: [-pɨ]), is a Brazilian-Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a centre back for Porto and the Portugal national team. …

Why did Arsenal buy Pepe?

“They got a player that other people wanted and they got a player who one club were offering more money for. “It was Pepe’s management team that asked us to go to Arsenal and so we accepted slightly less money than we would have got somewhere else.

How old is Nico Pepe?

25 years (May 29, 1995)Nicolas Pépé/Age

Is Pepe Brazilian or Portuguese?

Pepe was born in Brazil but has never represented his country of birth, gaining Portuguese citizenship in 2007 and going on to represent Portugal 59 times.

Where was Nicolas Pepe born?

Mantes-la-Jolie, FranceNicolas Pépé/Place of birth

How many times has Pepe been sent off?

Pepe hasn’t actually been sent off as many times as you would think, picking up just four reds since 2009.

How much is Pepe worth?

A recent investigation from the CIES Football Observatory indicated that Pepe is now valued at €73.1m, which equates to around £65m.

Which club is Nicolas Pepe?

Arsenal F.C.Nicolas Pépé/Current teams

What country is Pepe from?


Is Pepe a good defender?

Yes. Best defender is definitely Pepe. Best attacker out of them is Ramos. When Ramos stops making stupid mistakes then he is easily the better defender, although Pepe has been a beast as of late.

How much is Nicolas Pepe salary?

Arsenal are closing in on the permanent signing of Nicolas Pepe from Lille after both clubs agreed on a £72 million transfer fee. According to Express Sport, the Ivory Coast will sign a five-year deal with the Gunners which comes with weekly earnings of £105,000.