Quick Answer: Where Can I Find AWM In Free Fire?

Where is the best loot in free fire?

Mars Electric is a landing spot in Bermuda map, which has one of the best quality of loot in Free Fire.

The location is quite open and spacious, so if you land faster than your enemies, you should get decent loot.

This will help eliminate nearby enemies and have a solid start to the game..

Which mp40 skin is best in free fire?

Flashing Spade MP40 skinThe Flashing Spade MP40 skin is certainly the best MP40 skin in Free Fire because it gives the weapon a huge firepower buff that will help you shred any players into pieces in just seconds. The skin has a double damage buff and a Rate of Fire buff, making it even comparable to shotguns in close-range combat.

Who is best character in free fire?

Top 10 best character in Free Fire 2020DJ Alok.Luqueta.Clu.Jota.Wolfrahh.A124.Steffie.Kapella.More items…•

Who is the highest kills in free fire?

Free Fire has hit a record peak of 80 million daily active users. 4. What is the Highest Kill in Free fire? The highest kill till now is 92.

What is the damage of AWM in free fire?

AWM is considered to be one of the best weapons in Free Fire. It has a damage of 90 and has five bullets per magazine. The Silencer, Muzzle and Magazine can be attached to this firearm, which comes with a pre-attached 8x Scope, making it a perfect choice for long-range battles.

Who is the best AWM player in free fire in India?

Amitbhai🤣AWM Global No. 1 Best Player Amitbhai🤣 – Garena Free Fire – YouTube.

Who is free fire AWM King?


Who is king in free fire?

Ravichandra VigneshwerOne such popular influencer from India is Gaming Tamizhan or GT King. Ravichandra Vigneshwer, famously known as GT King, is one of the eminent Tamil Free Fire content creators. In this article, we discuss his Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio, and more.

Which is the safest place in free fire?

Free Fire: Top 5 looting spots in BermudaPochinok is a safe place to land.Cape Town is an underrated loot location.Mars Electric.Shipyard is located on the north side of the map.Mill contains the best loot.

Is PUBG better than free fire?

PUBG Vs Free Fire: Battle Royale The Battle Royale mode is the most attractive feature of both games. On the PUBG Battle Royale mode, a maximum of 100 players joins the battle of survival. … Free Fire has a smaller map, which means the combat happens much faster and the match also ends sooner.

How do you get Booyah in free fire?

How to Play Easy Fire Booyah Free (Rank # 1)It’s up to you to go down where, obviously you have to be right near the building. Even if there is a building / house with 2 floors open you can go right there. … Tips: … The correct way is when a new safe zone is formed.

Which is the No 1 gun in free fire?

Best Gun in Free Fire – Groza The Groza is the most popular GUNS, particularly in the game’s final circles. It has high damage and high stability, making it one of Free Fire’s most reliable weapons ever seen. The Groza offers a high range along with that, and the only con that it has is its low reload speed.