Quick Answer: Is Shanghai Easy To Get Around?

How much is a cup of coffee in Shanghai?

A cup of coffee can be anything from 7 yuan (instant or fast-food outlet) to 40 yuan (coffee shop).

So the average cost for a breakfast in China is 3–20 yuan.

But some restaurants may cost more for better service and environment, and the price in prosperous cities like Beijing and Shanghai will be a bit higher..

Can you live in China without knowing Chinese?

So yes, it is very possible to enjoy your working experience in China without speaking Mandarin. It would be actually harder for a foreigner with perfect Chinese but poor English to find a job. However, expats who are able to speak Chinese are living a totally different experience.

Do taxis take credit cards in Shanghai?

Both RMB cash and Shanghai Public Transportation Card are acceptable for payment on all cars. … Payment with debit card and credit card like UnionPay Card, VISA and Master is accessible on some taxis, but most drivers prefer cash.

How do I get a taxi in Shanghai?

In China, hailing a taxi is done by waving your flat outstretched hand top down. You can hail a taxi anywhere on the streets, because taxi stands are almost non-existent. There are approximately 54000 taxis in Shanghai. Nevertheless there can be a shortage of taxis, for example during rush hour.

Is it easy to get around China?

China by Bus If you have a limited travel budget, long-distance buses are a good option. They are cheaper than flights and high-speed trains, and tickets are easier to secure. … A long-distance bus trip between Beijing and Shanghai takes 14 – 16 hours, compared to five hours by high-speed rail.

What is the coldest month in Shanghai?

JanuaryThe coldest month is January, with an average low of 1°C (34°F). To avoid the heat of summer and the cold of winter, spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are the best times for traveling in Shanghai.

How far is Wuhan from Hong Kong?

923 kilometersDistance between Hong Kong and Wuhan is 923 kilometers (573 miles).

What should I avoid in Shanghai?

When in Shanghai, Don’t…Don’t spend all your time in the most popular tourist areas. … Don’t miss out on visiting Shanghai’s museums and art galleries. … Don’t miss out on the beautiful temples. … Don’t spend all your cash at expensive stores. … Don’t just eat at famous restaurants – Chinese/Shanghainese ones especially.More items…

Are taxis expensive in Shanghai?

How much is the taxi fare in Shanghai? The basic fee is ¥14.00, the kilometer price is ¥3.60 – ¥2.50. For standing and waiting time, ¥45.00 is charged per hour. … Standing and waiting times then cost ¥37.20 per hour.

How far is Wuhan from Shanghai?

427.23 miThe shortest distance (air line) between Shanghai and Wuhan is 427.23 mi (687.56 km). The shortest route between Shanghai and Wuhan is 512.67 mi (825.07 km) according to the route planner.

How much does a China trip cost?

How much does it cost to go to China? The cost of airfares from the US or Europe to China vary a lot depending on when you fly and which airline you use, from around 800 to1300 USD for an economy round trip. It’s possible to save up to about $400 if you get a deal or you’re willing to take a stopover or two (or more!)

Is it dangerous to go to Shanghai?

Shanghai is a fairly safe city. Areas of greatest concern are the foreigner targetted nightclub areas such as Mao Ming Road and Ju Le Road. … The bigger issue in Shanghai is pickpocketing. When walking around pedestrian boulevards and outdoor shopping areas no pocket and no bag is safe.

Is Shanghai expensive to visit?

You should plan to spend around ¥665 ($99) per day on your vacation in Shanghai, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, ¥124 ($19) on meals for one day and ¥22 ($3.35) on local transportation.

How much money do I need for 2 weeks in China?

You will need per day around $40 for hotels; $20 for food; $30 for tickets to attractions and $10 for transport. That comes to around $100 a day or $1400 for a 2 week trip.

What is best to buy in Shanghai?

15 Uniquely Chinese Things to Buy in ShanghaiTea Sets. In order to fully enjoy a cup of tea, it needs to be properly made, and Chinese sets are the best tools for enhancing the scents and tastes of tea. … Ceramics. Along with silk, ceramics and porcelain have been in use by the Chinese for thousands of years. … Fans. … Handicrafts. … Art Objects. … Silk. … Sweets. … Fabrics.More items…

How far is Wuhan from Beijing?

1055 kilometersDistance between Beijing and Wuhan is 1055 kilometers (655 miles).

How far is Wuhan from Shanghai by train?

With over 30 high speed trains in service from Wuhan to Shanghai along the 811-kilometer (504-mile)-long high speed railway between, the duration between the two cities has been reduced from about 10 – 18.5 hours by normal speed train to about 4 – 6.5 hours.

Is it hard to travel to China?

Many people believe it’s impossible, or at least incredibly difficult, to travel in China independently. However, while there are certainly some challenges for independent travellers, these can be overcome. It just takes a bit of planning, flexibility, and patience.

How much is a taxi from Pudong Airport to downtown Shanghai?

Fares are fairly current. It still ranges from 150 yuan to 200 yuan to get to Pudong PVG from center city. The longer it takes (traffic congestion) or in the middle of the night, the cost is higher. A Sunday morning, for example, will be closer to 150 yuan.

Is it safe to drink water in Shanghai?

No, the tap water in China is not safe to drink. … Even in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, water from the tap is not well filtered, sterilized, or purified, and may carry hazardous contaminants like sediments, rusts, bacteria, virus, chlorines, or other heavy metals.

Do they speak English in Shanghai?

Good news: it’s all translated into English! Some street signs will be in English, too, although more often they’re translated into pinyin. Catch a train.