Quick Answer: How Much Are Luxury Suites At Yankee Stadium?

How much are suites at Yankee Stadium?

How much do suites at Yankee Stadium cost.

On average, you can plan on spending between $8,000-$12,000 for Yankees (baseball) suites, and $5,000-$15,000 for concerts at Yankee Stadium..

How much is a suite at a baseball game?

The average football game suite sells for between $15,000-$25,000, depending on the venue, says Spencer, with New York the most expensive market (often much higher than $25,000 per game). For suites at baseball games, the average is $4,000 (but in the New York market: $13,000+ per game).

What are the most expensive seats at Yankee Stadium?

Most Expensive Seats at Yankee StadiumLegends Suite. The most expensive seats at Yankee Stadium for the 2011 season were in the front row of the Legends Suite, sections 16, 17A, 17B, 22, 23 and 24A, which sold for $1,600 each for individual games. … Amenities of the Legends Suite. … Part-year Season Tickets. … Field MVP Seats.

What MLB team has the cheapest tickets?

The MLB Teams with the Cheapest TicketsChicago White Sox. Perhaps a surprising name so far down the list of most expensive tickets are the Chicago White Sox. … Pittsburgh Pirates. … Miami Marlins.

How much are front row Yankees tickets?

If you want to buy a front-row seat at the new Yankee Stadium for an individual game, the list price of a ticket is $2,625. Individual game sales for the first season of the $1.5 billion ballpark start Tuesday, and the Legends Seats that ring the infield start at $525 a game, according to the team’s Web site.

How much is a ticket to a Yankees game?

New York Yankees Ticket PricesSeasonLocationAverage Ticket Price2020Yankee Stadium$812019Yankee Stadium$532018Yankee Stadium$512017Yankee Stadium$506 more rows

How much is a skybox?

What is the annual cost of Skybox? A. The average cost for each seat range from $300-$500 depending on the number of home games.

What are the most expensive seats at a baseball game?

Miami Marlins.Los Angeles Dodgers. … Chicago Cubs. … Seattle Mariners. … Washington Nationals. Average premium ticket price: $115.02. … Houston Astros. Average premium ticket price: $107.24. … San Francisco Giants. Average premium ticket price: $98.51. … Chicago White Sox. Average premium ticket price: $98.47. … More items…•

How wide are the seats at Yankee Stadium?

Over 56 suites are located within the ballpark, triple the amount from the previous stadium. Seats are 19–24 inches (48–61 cm) wide, up from the previous stadium’s 18–22-inch (46–56 cm) wide seats, while there is 33–39 inches (84–99 cm) of leg room, up from 29.5 inches (75 cm) of leg room in the previous stadium.

What is Champions Suite at Yankee Stadium?

Located just beyond first and third base, the Champions Suite provides the opportunity to experience Yankees baseball just a few feet from the playing field. The Champions Suite features all-inclusive ballpark food and nonalcoholic beverages and access to either the Ketel One Lounge or the Third Base Dugout Lounge.

How much is a baseball game in New York?

Tickets for the New York Yankees can cost anything between $10 and a few thousand dollars. A reasonable price for a good seat falls somewhere in the region of $35 to $105. The Yankee Stadium is huge.

Which NFL stadium has the most suites?

Levi’s StadiumThe 170 suites at Levi’s Stadium can accommodate 20-40 guests and will cost you up to $60,000 depending on the game and the specific suite according to data obtained by Bloomberg.com.

What do Yankees Legends seats include?

Legends Suite Features & AmenitiesPrivate Stadium entrance.Access to the bi-level Legends Suite Club, the First Base Dugout Lounge, located along the first-base line, and the Third Base Dugout Lounge, located along the third-base line†All-inclusive food and nonalcoholic beverages at the Legends Suite Club**More items…

How much are tickets behind home plate at Yankee Stadium?

The New York Yankees will charge $500 to $2,500 for seats near home plate in the first five-to-eight rows of their new ballpark. They already have commitments from ticket-buyers for all 122 of the front-row seats.

Can you bring food into Yankee Stadium?

Guests are permitted to bring food for individual consumption into Yankee Stadium as long as items are brought in a clear plastic grocery-style bag and are consumed in the general seating area. … Clear factory-sealed plastic water bottles 1 liter in size or smaller are also permitted.

How much are Yankee season tickets?

A season seat in Section 131, down low at Yankee Stadium’s left-field foul pole, costs $6,480 for 81 home games. That easily tops the next most costly team, the Chicago Cubs, who play in Wrigley Field and have similar down-the-line ducats for $5,038 in Section 101.

How much is a Dallas Cowboys suite?

With only 8 regular season games, Cowboys suites are a premium event and can cost $9,000-$40,000. Individual Dallas Cowboys tickets in a suite start at $375 and may include access to catering (but not always).

What are the best cheap seats at Yankee Stadium?

One of the cheapest ways to bring the family to Yankee Stadium is to purchase tickets in one of the bleachers sections in center field. When looking at tickets in these sections, steer clear of the seats closer to right-field (202-204).