Quick Answer: How Many Hat Tricks Messi Scored In El Clasico?

How many perfect hat tricks has Messi scored?

Lionel Messi is one of only two players to score eight hat-tricks in the UEFA Champions League.

He and Robert Lewandowski are also the only players to score four or more goals on multiple occasions..

Who is the king of El Clasico?

Lionel MessiLionel Messi is still the best player in world football, but only just. He is the undisputed king of El Clasico.

Is it true Barca beat Real Madrid by 15 1 in 1926?

Nope. It’s entirely false. The highest ever El-Clasico victory came on 19th June, 1943 – when Real Madrid rattled 11 goals to 1 past FC Barcelona in Copa Del Rey.

Which year did Messi scored hat trick against Real Madrid?

2006His maiden hat-trick came against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou in a 3-3 draw in the 2006/07 league season. That was not the only time that Madrid were on the receiving end of a night of Messi magic.

Who has more career hat tricks Messi or Ronaldo?

Total Uefa competition goals: Ronaldo 133; Messi 120. Champions League hat-tricks: Ronaldo 8; Messi 8.

What is Barcelona’s biggest defeat?

SEVILLA 11SEVILLA 11 BARCELONA 1 (La Liga, 1940) Barcelona took a 10th-minute lead only to fall apart as Sevilla scored all their goals in the space of an hour, between the 23rd and 83rd minutes to inflict the heaviest defeat on Barcelona in any competition.

Who is best Barcelona or Real Madrid?

They are also well clear when it comes to the Champions League, with 13 to Barca’s five. Real won the UEFA Cup (now the Europa League) twice, while Barca are the most successful team in the now-defunct UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup with four triumphs….The trophy cabinets.CompetitionReal MadridBarcelonaTotal86958 more rows•Jul 17, 2020

Who is better Ronaldinho or Messi?

Barcelona star Lionel Messi is the best player of all-time while Ronaldinho belongs among the greats, according to Xavi. Messi is a record six-time Ballon d’Or winner and is considered among the modern-day greats, alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. … Xavi added: “Messi is the best in history, but Ronaldinho is with the best.

Did Messi scored hat trick against Real Madrid?

Leo Messi has proved to be a nemesis for Real Madrid in El Clásico, ever since making his FC Barcelona debut as a 17-year-old. Here’s the Argentinian aged 19, scoring his first ever hat-trick against Los Blancos back in 2007, at the Camp Nou.

How many hat tricks does Messi have against Real Madrid?

Most hat-tricks (joint) Only six players have scored two hat-tricks in El Clasico and inevitably, Messi is one of them.

Who is the god of football?

Cristiano RonaldoThe world of famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is the present top performer. Most of the people like him and they called him the God of football and he is the best player in the football world.

How many Hatrick does Ronaldo have?

In all competitions, Ronaldo has managed 56 career hat-tricks, which equates to just over 23% of his 715 career goals.

Who has the most wins in El Clasico?

However, Real Madrid secured victory to move back into first place in the Spanish league table – a position they conclude the season in as they secured another Liga title in 2019-20….Real Madrid vs Barcelona: Head-to-head.CompetitionTotalGames Played244Madrid wins96Barca wins96Draws524 more columns•Jul 17, 2020

Is Ronaldinho better than Ronaldo?

Ronaldinho is by far ahead that Ronaldo. He had individual skills that are comparable to non. During the Ronaldinho years Ronaldo was not counted .

Who has more free kicks Messi or Ronaldo?

Overall, though, Ronaldo holds the edge – he has 55 goals from direct free-kicks, Messi 52.