Question: What Is The Noun Form Of Frequently?

What is the adjective of indicate?



/ɪnˈdɪkət̮ɪv/ 1[not usually before noun] indicative (of something) (formal) showing or suggesting something Their failure to act is indicative of their lack of interest..

What is extreme adjectives in English?

Extreme adjectives or non-gradable adjectives are words that mean “extremely + adjective” – for example, “freezing” means “extremely cold.” The weather can’t be “a little bit freezing” or “very freezing” – because the word “freezing” itself automatically means “extremely cold.”

How do you use the word frequently?

Frequent sentence examplesI’ll do what I can to get you more frequent updates, but I can’t guarantee anything. … She was one of his frequent guests, visiting him several times each month. … He’d personally call Mayer’s wife and pass on her husband’s deep and frequent concern for Cynthia’s well being as well as any news he heard.More items…

What part of speech is strong?

adjective, strong·er [strawng-ger, strong-], strong·est [strawng-gist, strong-]. having, showing, or able to exert great bodily or muscular power; physically vigorous or robust: a strong boy.

What is the best synonym for frequently?

adverbregularly, often, very often, all the time, habitually, customarily, routinely, usually, normally, commonly.again and again, time and again, over and over again, repeatedly, recurrently, continually, constantly.many times, many a time, lots of times, on several occasions.

What kind of word is frequently?

often; many times; at short intervals.

What is the noun form of unable?

Word family (noun) ability ≠ inability disability (adjective) able ≠ unable disabled (verb) enable ≠ disable (adverb) ably.

Is AA a word?

It is a word. Specifically, it is an indefinite article, just like “an.” It’s a word.

What is the verb form of Pretence?


What is the verb of easy?

Verb. easy (third-person singular simple present easies, present participle easying, simple past and past participle easied)

What is the part of speech of in?

In the English language, the word “in” has multiple functions. It can serve as a noun, a preposition, an adverb, and an adjective. This word can be categorized as a noun, if it is used to mean a leverage or an influential ability.

What is the adverb for frequently?

Adverbs of Frequency are adverbs of time that answer the question “How frequently?” or “How often?”. They tell us how often something happens. Here are some examples: daily, weekly, yearly.

What is the noun for frequent?

Word family (noun) frequency ≠ infrequency (adjective) frequent ≠ infrequent (verb) frequent (adverb) frequently ≠ infrequently.

What is the noun of easily?

Explanation: ease is the noun form of easily, easy is adjective.

What part of speech is the word frequent?

frequentpart of speech:adjectivepart of speech:transitive verbinflections:frequents, frequenting, frequenteddefinition:to visit or spend time in (a place) regularly or often. After work, he frequents the local tavern. synonyms: haunt, patronize antonyms: shun similar words: hang around, visit8 more rows

Is increase a noun or verb?

Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense increases, present participle increasing , past tense, past participle increased pronunciation note: The verb is pronounced (ɪnkriːs ). The noun is pronounced (ɪnkriːs ). If something increases or you increase it, it becomes greater in number, level, or amount.

What kind of adverb is frequently?

An adverb of frequency tells us how often something is done or happens. Words used as adverbs of frequency include again, almost, always, ever, frequently, generally, hardly ever, nearly, nearly always, never, occasionally, often, rarely, seldom, sometimes, twice, usually and weekly.

What is the noun form of indicate?

For example, a stock market recovery could indicate growing public confidence — or foolishness, depending on which expert you ask. The verb indicate comes from the noun indication, which in turn comes from the Latin word indicare, meaning “something that points out or shows.”

What is the noun form of extremely?


What is a antonym for frequently?

ˈfriːkwəntli, ˈfriːkwɛntli) Many times at short intervals. Synonyms. often oftentimes ofttimes oft. Antonyms. rarely infrequently seldom.

Is the word extreme an adjective?

adjective, ex·trem·er, ex·trem·est. utmost or exceedingly great in degree: extreme joy. farthest from the center or middle; outermost; endmost: the extreme limits of a town.