Question: What Do You Expect From A Good School?

What are the qualities of a good school?

There are five common attributes that make up an effective school.Leadership.

The first attribute is quality leadership.

High Expectations.

The second attribute is having high expectations of students as well as teachers.

Ongoing Evaluation.

Goals and Direction.

Secure and Organized..

Why do I like my school?

My school helps people who are bullied and that’s why I really enjoy going to school because the teachers and pupils are really nice and friendly.” “My school offers a lot of activities and it makes learning fun!” “I like my school because we have really friendly staff!

What should I ask for in school admission?

It is more important to know how the school is prepared for the future than its past pedigree….AskHow values such as kindness, politeness and giving are practiced at school?Are children encouraged to help those who need it?Are children taught the values you as a parent, deem important?

What do parents look for in a school?

In essence, parents want schools to foster a positive atmosphere that will encourage their child’s intellectual and emotional growth. For the majority of parents, the local school — whether government or Catholic — should provide a more than adequate education for their child at a low cost.

What do students expect from teachers?

Teachers want their students to be responsible and curious. They expect their students to follow class rules and do their homework. … The partnership between student and teacher relies on expectations. When these needs are met, they create decades of learning and admiration.

What is your opinion of a good school?

In my opinion, school can be a great place if we know how to take advantage. … They are the motivation to go to school. We spend a great time in school, but it’s better if we have good friends. In school we learn about different topics, about different things that we like (or not) and we might use in the future.

What is a bad school?

A bad school is the one in which. Silence is the supreme. Where children are told to maintain silence all the time and not even discuss their lessons. Where children can’t even make constructive noises. The Principal believes that he is the most important member and treats everyone else as pawns.

What do parents want?

Here is what parents want:To be happy. (Solid #1, right?)To be healthy.To have a stable, happy family life. So ‘stability,’ but not millions of dollars.To be loved.To be kind.To find a career they enjoy.To be respected by their friends and colleagues.To be lucky in love, and not have their heart broken.More items…•

What is an ideal school?

“An ideal school is where all students are equal, a place where maths and science toppers are not considered superior to those who are good in other subjects. A huge playground, airy classrooms, innumerable activities in and out of the classrooms, no unhealthy competition…

What are you hoping to gain from your college experience?

You’re looking to gain some specific subject knowledge, mental flexibility and ability to learn, basic life skills, and solid personal relationships. Do those things well, and you’ll have a good experience, and a good base for a successful life.

Why the college experience is important?

College not only educates you for the pursuit of a career, but it also provides general knowledge and introduces real-life situations that help people learn about life and themselves. This is why a liberal arts education is so important for everyone to experience. … You receive all of this with a liberal arts education.

What are your expectations from school?

Here are the top 9 things parents expect from the schools:The quality of teaching should be high. … The curriculum. … The expenses. … The sports program. … The extracurricular activities. … The facilities on offer. … The libraries. … The role played by parents.More items…•

What do you expect from your college?

In college you will be expected to understand and remember what you read. You will also be asked to draw conclusions, form opinions, and evaluate the ideas of others. Students who succeed do their assignments and keep up with their reading. In college, you have a tremendous amount of freedom.

What makes a happy school?

Happy schools make connections between colleagues, students and parents an absolute necessity. The happiest schools are the ones that make everyone feel like they belong to a community where they feel welcomed, where they are safe and where they can be themselves.