Question: How Can We Make Safety In The Workplace Fun?

How do you talk safety?

5 Tips for an Effective Toolbox TalkTalk directly to your audience.

Ensure the topic is relevant to your industry and job site.

Keep it brief.

People have limited attention spans and they’ll eventually start tuning you out no matter how important the topic of your safety meeting is.

Stay positive.

Demonstrate your point.

Tell a story, not a statistic..

What are the 5 elements of safety?


How can we improve workplace safety?

7 Steps to Improving Workplace Health and SafetyCreate a Plan for Improving Health and Safety. … Inspect Your Workplace. … Train Your Employees. … Keep an Open Dialogue. … Investigate Accidents. … Maintain Records. … Make Improving Health and Safety a Key Part of Business. … Find Out More.More items…•

What are some good safety topics?

10 Everyday Workplace Safety Topics for MeetingsGeneral Safety Mistakes. … Ergonomic and Workplace Stress. … Drugs on The Job. … Violence at The Workplace. … Fire and Electrical Safety. … Workplace Accidents: Reporting, Prevention, And Costs. … Heat Exhaustion and Safety. … Workplace Injuries.More items…•

What is safety action plan?

Why having a safety action plan is important Benefits of the safety action plan include: providing a history of action and control measures for hazards and serving as a record for your business’ commitment to safety; … prioritising the amount of time you spend on each hazard in accordance with their risk ratings; and.

What is a good safety moment?

A Safety Moment is a brief safety talk about a specific subject at the beginning of a meeting or shift. Also known as safety minutes or safety chats, these talks can be done in a variety of ways, but are typically a brief (2-5 minute) discussion on a safety related topic.

How can we make safety fun?

4 Tactics To Make Safety Training More EnjoyableProvide amenities. Workers will be happier about attending safety meetings or training sessions if employers provide some extra amenities—free lunch and snacks, for example. … Use humor. … Make it interactive. … Hire a safety professional.

What is a good safety message?

The following can be used to get the safety message across:”Take a shortcut and you will be cutting your life short.””If you don’t want to bet your life, don’t gamble with safety.””If you are in favor of safety glasses, Say:’Eye'””It’s better to arrive late in this world than early in the next.”

What are the three steps to create a safety culture?

Three Key Steps to Cultivating a Safety CultureDefine safety and set goals. Create a sturdy foundation and get employees and management on board by setting goals, measuring your organization’s current safety protocols, and developing an improvement plan. … Empower employees to make safety a priority. … Make safety more than just a slogan.

What do you say in a safety meeting?

8 Workplace Safety Tips to Share at Your Next Safety Meeting#1 – Recognize Workplace Risks.#2 – Know How to Report Incidents or Hazards.#3 – Don’t Take Shortcuts on Tasks or Procedures.#4 – Keep Your Workspace Clean and Clear of Clutter.#5 – Engage Yourself with the Company.#6 – Take Regular Breaks.#7 – Get a Good Night’s Sleep.#8 – Help New Employees Embrace the Safety Culture.More items…•

How do you manage safety?

Hold people accountable and makes sure everyone does their part.Establish an active workplace safety and health safety committee.Make daily safety inspections part of some employees’ jobs.Keep employees informed about safety inspections, injury and illness statistics, and other safety-related issues.More items…

What are some safety rules?

Basic Safety RulesSTAY ALERT – and stay alive. … WEAR THE RIGHT CLOTHES – work clothes should fit properly. … USE THE RIGHT TOOLS – if you need a hammer, get a hammer. … LEARN HOW TO LIFT – Lifting takes more than muscle; it is an art. … DON’T BE A PRANKSTER – practical jokes and horseplay can be dangerous, especially around heavy machinery.More items…

Why is workplace safety so important?

Accidents have a financial impact on the injured, their immediate family and even the business. By practicing safe workplace ethics, the business is able to avoid serious financial consequences linked to accidents. The costs saved can be allocated to better profit-making activities.

How can you improve safety performance?

5 Steps Employees Can Take to Improve Safety Performance and Prevent AccidentsIdentify hazards: If employees don’t know what the hazards are—or could be—they can’t effectively protect against them. Employees therefore should: … Plan ahead. … Stay alert. … Ask questions. … Take near misses seriously.