Can Final Exit Visa Be Cancelled?

How do I cancel my family final exit visa?

You will visit the Jawazat along with the sponsor or a representative of your sponsor.

Visit Jawazat and Attach all the documents.

Submit your documents at the counter.

Within a few hours or days, the Jawazat will cancel the final exit visa and renew the iqama..

What is exit visa?

When you decide that you would like to return home from Saudi Arabia then you will have to apply for a final exit visa. This visa is to ensure that your employer granted you permission to leave the country and that all your accounts and bills have been settled before you leave the country.

Which profession Iqama will not be renewed?

– Human Resource managers, personnel section heads, heads of labor and worker affairs, heads of personnel affairs, specialists, clerks in personnel affairs, clerks in receptions, hotels, hospitals, government relations and grievance departments.

How can I check my exit visa without Absher?

Procedure to Check Exit Re-Entry visa status online without using Absher account :Visit Muqeem.Sa.Enter your Iqama number or Visa number by selecting the appropriate option for you.Choose one of Visa Number, Passport Number, Name, Date of Birth, Iqama Expiry Date or Visa Expiry Date.More items…•

How can I check my Saudi visa validity?

Log into the Muqeem visa validity service portal. This page opens in Arabic so it is best to use Google Chrome or any other browser that allows you to translate pages with ease. Enter your Iqama Number and name/passport number and click on “check”. Your visa validity status will be displayed in a few short seconds.

How does Absher calculate final exit?

1. Login to your Absher account, then you can search for “Exit/Re-Entry Visa Status”. This service is also used to check the status of Muqeem re entry and exit of individual employee or his family.

How many days we can stay in Saudi Arabia after final exit?

60 DaysSaudi Expats are Allowed for 60 Days Grace Period for Final Exit Visa. The Saudi General Directorate of Passports (GDP) has allowed some Saudi expats to remain in the Kingdom despite the expiry of their residency permits (Saudi Iqama) and despite the end of the relief offered by the “Nation without a Violator” campaign …

Can I leave Saudi without exit visa?

Saudi Arabia – Visas & Permits Once inside the country, an expatriate needs a so-called ‘Exit / Re-entry visa’ to go out and return to the kingdom. In other words, even if you have your passport and a ticket in your hands, you would not be able to get out of the country without an exit / re-entry visa.

What is the fees for final exit in Saudi Arabia?

Final Exit Visa Fee Which means it is absolutely a free service. However, if your iqama is expired, then you need to renew it. For Iqama, you or the sponsor has to pay a fine, which is 500 riyals for the first time.

Where can I see final exit visa in Saudi Arabia?

You can check your final exit visa status through the Ministry of Labor website using Iqama number. You can also check using your passport number or border number.

Can exit reentry visa be Cancelled?

Important: Exit Re-entry visa cancelation announcement from Government Affairs. … Unused exit re-entry visa must be cancelled within 90 days from the issuance date (including dependents). Final exit visa must be cancelled within 60 days from the issuance date.

How can I get final exit in KSA?

To obtain a final exit visa, the residence permit is submitted to the passports authority with a final exit visa request form. If the passport or residence permit is lost, the incident must be reported to the passports authority within 24 hours.

How can I cancel my Iqama transfer?

Cancellation of Request As per iqama transfer rules, there are two possible ways canceling an online request for the transfer of sponsorship created in the MOL system; Leave the request without acceptance, it will automatically be canceled after 90 days. Withdrawal of the نقل كفاله request by the new employer.

How do I check my Iqama validity?

CHECK IQAMA EXPIRY DATE OR VALIDITYSelect ENGLISH as language from the MOI website ( and find Electronic Inquiries (top Menu) just beside Eservices.Click on Electronic Inquiries, Select PASSPORTS (left side tab) and it will extend, find “Query Iqama Expiry Service”.More items…•

Is it possible to cancel final exit?

A letter from your employer requesting Saudi Jawazat to cancel your final exit visa. This letter should be attested by Chamber of Commerce which is located in your employers city. 4. Your employer or his representative should be present with you to process your final exit visa cancellation.

What happens if exit re entry visa expires?

If your expired Exit/Re-entry visa did not completed 7 months, Your sponsor should visit Jawazat office, Fill the form, submit your documents and should get yellow slip from them.

How can I use Final Exit expired Iqama?

Applying for Final Exit Visa On Expired Iqama Through MOL ( Ministry Of Labor)Visit the MOL office.Ask the officials for the issuance of the work permit to get the final exit visa.Submit the required documents (Iqama)Pay the iqama renewal and Maktab-e-Amal fee.More items…•

What is Iqama status?

Iqama is used to manage foreign hires in KSA. An iqama, or a residence permit issued to expatriates who arrive in Saudi Arabia on an employment visa. Below, you’ll learn more about this permit, its background, and the application process.